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    Akemi Solid wax

    Akemi Solid wax 1 liter  Black or clear Use it indoors or outside to close pores and fill in fine scratches.  The natural color of stone will be intensified and will look shinny.

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    Akemi Transformer Exotic

    Akemi Transform Exotic 1 liter Transformer Exotic is used for Highly concentrated formula, For highly resonated stones.   Penetrate and Transform Dull, Lackluster and Faded Stone in Just 10 Minutes... For natural stones and quartz-based surfaces...

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    Akemi Transformer Color Enhancer

    Akemi Transformer 1 literA color enhancing sealer, suitable to enhance, darken and bring out the natural color of any stone and protect it from some stains. Transformer is also used to color match the edges of finished granite countertops thathave been...


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