Zenesis II Diamond Granite Bridge Saw Blade

Zenesis II Diamond Granite Bridge Saw Blade

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Segment: 25mm
Arbor: 50/60mm
Recommended RPM: 3,800

Country of origin: Korea

Zenesis Technology 2.0: Zenesis knew from the beginning that a simple pattern was not enough. Through years of research & development, their engineering team at has refined their proprietary patterned diamond tools to achieve maximum performance without sacrificing the longevity of the product or the smoothness of the cut. Their pattern exposes the ideal number of the highest quality diamonds throughout the tool life, providing consistent performance from start to finish.

Zenesis II bridge Saw Blade revolutionized the stone fabricating industry by raising the bar for cutting speed and blade life. Straight, efficient cutting increases productivity while reducing stress on the bridge saw.


  • Speed: Up to 70% faster cutting speed
  • Life: Up to 70% longer tool life
  • Delivers optimal, customized patterns of diamonds for specific applications
  • Hybrid layering provides maximum diamond exposure for enhanced performance
  • Cost-effective mass production
  • Proprietary, patented technologies
  • 25mm or 18mm segments height
  • Feed rate 10 to 17 feet per minute
  • Cutting granite and engineered stone
  • Wet use only